given HTTP payload, convert to TCP→IP → raspberry pi

given: HTTP payload

useful stuf


    To allow for many processes within a single Host to use TCP
    communication facilities simultaneously, the TCP provides a set of
    addresses or ports within each host.  Concatenated with the network
    and host addresses from the internet communication layer, this forms
    a socket.  A pair of sockets uniquely identifies each connection.
    That is, a socket may be simultaneously used in multiple

tcp interface:

open, close

send, receive


implement TCP

how to go from TCP → IP

implement IP

implement morriscode driver that sends IP packets to raspberry pi

milestone 1

establish TCP handshake /w mock server on same machine



send request from client to server to open connection


server says its cool connect, also asks to connect to client



say server is chill to connect with client

send dummy payload

sequence #s and ack #s

client → server

SYN packet

sequence # of 0. acknowledgement # of 0

server → client:

SYNACK response packet

sequence # of 0. acknowledgement # of 1

client → server:

ACK packet

seq # of 1, ack # of 1


IPV6: 320bits


need to grok sockets

→ hack around on sockets a bit, see how they work… break down data into packets

→ implement my own socket interface… should break stuff down via tcp into ip packets

milestone 2:

TCP handshake across raspberry pi

milestone 3:

mod payload to be cat

milestone 4+ http server →

—http to tcp:


where do sockets come in?

next time!!!


  • need speaker + mic for 2 PI to send/receive data
  • how do we use morse code from 2 diff devices at same time without interference?

audio waves vs radio waves

next time on livestream

what HW to buy to build wifi adaptor

  • raspberry pi
  • payload: >1000 1’s or 0’s
  • short range: 10 meters

output: what parts to order. spec of system. expected bandwidth / latency / reliability for tcp packets