Diary to 1970

2020 September. The 9th day.

6 months after “the virus”. The meager remains of humanities reign coats a barren wasteland known as earth.

Big brother has told us to remain indoors. Unemployment is higher than the great depression. I shelter in a 7.5x7.8ft room that costs more than your college tuition, every month. I spend my day in neo-San Francisco writing codes on a personal mainframe computer that fits on my lap. The codes I write are teleported as waves through the sky across the city and onto a car that then uses that code to drive itself. I meet with dozens of people every day without leaving my room, and without them leaving theirs, we can each talk to each other over a TV-like system (like the one you watch Nixon on) . We are all building things, but I can’t describe them because the technology they replace won’t reach your hands for 30 years.


This is the future. You can prevent this. You must act now.